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Set of Original Prints $12-$24

$24.00 USD

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Succulent Series: A variety of potted plants add color and life to a kid's room, saving tiny hands from real pokes (and saving little plants from tiny hands). Set of 4. 

Mammals in Flannels: Perfect for the fashionable kid, Elephant, Giraffe, Hippo and Orca all dressed to the nines for this portrait series.  Elephant and Orca are 10 x 8.  Set of 4. 

Funny Bunny: A mischevious bunny goes in for close up, a rear view and eventually hops away. Set of 3. 

Frenemies: Hey. Hi. Best friends? Friendly enemies?  All out war?  Only time will tell. Set of 2. 

Each print is printed on 8 x 10  Premium Glossy Photo Stock. 

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